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Williams wins wild one at Kingsport Speedway

Jeff Birchfield • May 11, 2019 at 7:20 PM

KINGSPORT — Nik Williams capsized Ronnie McCarty’s hopes for a victory cruise and went on to win a wild Late Model Stock feature Friday night in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series action at Kingsport Speedway.

McCarty dominated the first two-thirds of the race, pulling out to a large lead before a lap-43 caution bunched the field. Intense racing between McCarty and Williams followed, leading to McCarty’s No. 5 Ford spinning between turns 1 and 2.

Williams, in the No. 32 Chevrolet, engaged Hayden Woods in another intense battle for the lead before they made contact and Woods spun off turn 4 on lap 53.

At the end, Williams held off Joey Trent’s No. 26 Chevrolet and Zeke Shell’s No. 1 Ford for the win.

“It was a really wild night, but it was fun,” said Williams, a 22-year-old driver from Chuckey. “It was one of the wildest races I’ve ever had here. To win two weeks in a row, it means a lot and shows what this team can do. I had a good car under me and was patient picking them off until it got wild at the end.”

He and McCarty had differing views of what happened in their lap-43 incident. They were banging fenders coming down the frontstretch before entering the corner, where McCarty spun.

“There are always different opinions, but it was just racing,” Williams said. “He gave the inside and we got tangled up going down the front straightaway and I couldn’t get off him. We got beside each other in the turns and he just lost it. I got into him a little bit, but he just lost it. That’s why they didn’t put me to the back. It was just a racing deal.”

McCarty, a two-time Kingsport Speedway champion, ended up with a torn-up race car after another incident, one that saw Derek Lane’s No. 28 Chevy go over the hood of his entry.

“He decided he couldn’t beat me any other way than wrecking me. That’s fine if that’s the way he wants to race; we’ll race that way too, I guess,” McCarty said of Williams. “I had it in cruise control and wanted to maintain a three-quarters straightaway lead. I know that’s not good for the fans, but we were here to win tonight. We came prepared to win, he saw that and figured that was the only way he could beat me.”

Trent had his own adventures. Contact between him and Bryson Dennis brought out the lap 43 caution and damaged Trent’s No. 26 car to the point the hood had to be removed for the final laps. Still showing speed, he held off defending track champion Shell for the runner-up spot.

“We got tangled up about midway, but the car still drove well,” Trent said. “It came to me late. Hats off to Zeke Shell. It got away from me a couple of times and he could have run plumb through me, but he didn’t. I appreciate that.

“I’m sure there are hard feelings, but it was hard racing. I can tell you that we didn’t leave anything on the track tonight.”

A frustrated Shell felt that Williams should have been placed at the rear of the field after the incidents with McCarty and Woods. In the end, he felt his result matched his Ford’s performance.

“The car was good, but for some reason, it got worse as the night went on,” Shell said. “Really, we finished where we deserved to finish. It was a third-place car. We left with a second-place car last week and we’re leaving with a third-place car this week.”

Woods finished fourth and Derek Lane fifth.


Doug Austin of Castlewood stayed undefeated in the Pure Street event, which featured five lead changes over the final six laps between the Camaros of Austin and Gene Griffey.

Keith Helton of Kingsport also kept his perfect record intact in the Pure 4 class, taking the lead on 12th circuit of the 30-lap feature featuring 22 cars.


Abingdon’s Kevin Canter of Abingdon remained unbeaten in Mod 4, winning every race at Kingsport this season as well as a feature two weeks ago at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford. Zack Fritz finished second and Herschel Robinette third.

Kingsport’s Derek Lane drove the No. 9 Dodge Challenger to victory in the first of two Mod Street races to open the night’s action. Lane competed in three races overall, finishing fifth in both the second Mod 4 event and the Late Model feature.

Kevin Wolfe of Abingdon won the Mod 4 nightcap after taking the lead from Dennis Deese with five laps to go. Erwin’s Alex Miller, in his second year of racing, was second in both Mod 4 races for the best finishes of his career.

Roger Neece & Tony Ward Tribute Night

Friday, May 10, 2019

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series

Late Model Stock Car (60 Laps)

1. Nik Williams, No. 32-Chuckey

2. Joey Trent, No. 26-Gray

3. Zeke Shell, No. 1-Johnson City

4. Hayden Woods, No. 6-Piney Flats

5. Derek Lane, No. 28-Kingsport

6. Wayne Hale, No. 19-Bluff City

7. Rick Pannell, No. 33-Kingsport

8. Ronnie McCarty, No. 5-Kingsport

9. Bryson Dennis, No. 15-Greeneville

10. Nate Monteith, No. 97-Bristol, Tenn.

11. Joshua Gobble, No. 57-Abingdon

Modified Street (Twin, No. 1 — 20 Laps)

1. Derek Lane, No. 9

2. Alex Miller, No. 37

3. Kevin Wolfe, No. 17

4. Rusty Clendenin, No. 27

5. Dennis Deese, No. 24

6. Daniel McMurray, No. 0?

7. Colby Higgins, No. 07

8. Paul Shull, No. 48

9. Hannah Seal, No. 55

10. Jason Yates, No. 8

11. Luke Fox, No. 94

12. Virgil Young, No. 31

13. Dustin Nave, No. 13

14. Sam Hurd, No. 11

Did Not Start: Bryan Young, No. 13

Modified Street (Twin, No. 2 — 20 laps)

1. Kevin Wolfe, No. 17

2. Alex Miller, No. 37

3. Rusty Clendenin, No. 27

4. Dennis Deese, No. 24

5. Derek Lane, No. 9

6. Paul Shull, No. 48

7. Colby Higgins, No. 07

8. Virgil Young, No. 31

9. Luke Fox, No. 94

10. Bryan Young, No. 13

11. Dustin Nave, No. 13

12. Sam Hurd, No. 11

13. Hannah Seal, No. 55

Did Not Start: Daniel McMurray, No. 0; Jason Yates, No. 8

Pure 4 (30 Laps)

1. Keith Helton, No. 9

2. Bruce Crumbley, No. 33

3. Brandon Sutherland, No. 48

4. Bucky Smith, No. X99

5. Josh Detwiler, No. 38D

6. William Hale, No. 47

7. Nick Jennings, No. 16

8. Chad Jeffers, No. 38

9. Todd Duff, No. 16

10. Craig Phelps, No. 00

11. Larry Stapleton, No. 15

12. Brian Eggers, No. 20

13. Justin Hartsock, No. 6

14. Frank Peters, No. 0

15. Joey Amburgey, No. 17

16. Billy Walters, No. 4

17. David Trent, No. 57

18. Chris Stine, No. 10

19. Josh Collins, No. 77

20. Jimmy Thomas, No. 14

21. Paul Stanley, No. 40

22. Ricky Rice, No. 72

Mod 4 (30 Laps)

1. Kevin Canter, No. 3

2. Zach Fritz, No. 33

3. Hershell Robinette, No. 9

4. Billy Duty, No. 1

5. Chris Amburgey, No. 17

6. Jessie Amburgey, No. 7

7. Brian Ellis, No. 28

8. James Deese, No. 14

9. Kirby Gobble, No. 71

10. Chris Coleman, No. 20

11. Jack Clevenger, No. 4

Did Not Start: Dalton Thomas, No. 22

Pure Street (25 Laps)

1. Doug Austin, No. 18

2. Tony Dockery, No. 05

3. Jay Swecker, No. 77

4. Kevin Darnell, No. 4

5. Sam Ferguson, No. 5

6. Mike Mays, No. 30

7. Jessica Payne, No. 12

8. Jessica Spangler, No. 07

9. Ricky Payne, No. 1

10. Timothy Hensley, No. 37

11. Penny Hurd, No. 11

Did Not Pass Post-Race Technical Inspection: Gene Griffey, No. 1

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