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The Green People are on the move in Kingsport

Evergreen Home & Garden Showplace • Jul 31, 2018 at 4:15 PM


The Green People are on the move in Kingsport!

No cause for alarm, though, we’re not talking about Martian aliens. Evergreen’s Green People at Riverport Road are moving in order to merge with our Colonial Heights location, beginning Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

After over 43 years of serving the garden and horticulture enthusiasts in Kingsport at our Riverport Road location, our Labor Day weekend move will combine our forces and products in order to immediately begin serving our customers’ needs from our Colonial Heights location - even better than before!

We’ve upgraded our Colonial Heights location over the past 12 months with additional greenhouses, outdoor living and trees/shrub areas and will continue with upgrades to accommodate a much greater level of horticulture products at this location. Evergreen will continue to operate as a full-time, year-round garden center, greenhouse and nursery with all the garden products you have come to expect from The Green People in Colonial Heights.

We will be combining the staff, and their gardening knowledge, from both locations into a Super Vault of horticulture knowledge and customer service!

Our Colonial Heights location will be providing the same: *Trees and Shrubs, *Annuals & Perennials, *Herbs & Foliage plants, *Lawn Care Program, *Furniture, Fountains and Outdoor décor, *Christmas Wonderland, *eBucks, *100 percent Tree/Shrub Guarantee, *Facebook, *eGardenplace.com, *School of Gardening, *Weekly gardening information emails, *Planting services, and *Delivery from the same Green People you’ve come to know and trust!

But let’s pause here and take a short trip down memory lane.

It all began with Auke and Sarah Valk’s move from Holland in 1950 to fulfill their dream to start a new gardening life in America. The next year they built their first greenhouse on Fleetwood Drive in the Ridgefield’s area. Their first garden center opened in 1954 on Market Street in downtown Kingsport followed by a new facility on Industry Drive in 1968. A few years later, Evergreen opened the doors at Riverport Road to the most modern garden center in the region and, by then, had expanded the family affair to include all four sons, Henere, Lee, Tony and Michael.

In 1989, Evergreen purchased a small garden center in Colonial Heights and a year later opened a growing production site near the parent location on Riverport Road. In 2004, Evergreen completed construction of our current location in Colonial Heights with state-of-the-art greenhouses and also celebrated our first 50 years of bringing the finest garden products and services to an ever-expanding market area.

Lee Valk, along with our Riverport Road location manager, Karen Gibson, will become the Colonial Heights management team.

Over the years, Evergreen has received many accolades, from the prestigious Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Association’s choice as “Garden Center of the Year” to inclusion in the “Top 100 Revolutionary Garden Centers in America,” which honors independent retail garden center owners for creating and implementing innovative and profitable business management practices into their operations.

It is this legacy and the legacy of the Valk family that we take with us into the consolidation at our Colonial Heights location, 1876 Moreland Drive. We want to thank everyone for their support over the last two generations and give you our commitment to continue serving the current generation... at least!

And, while the final turning of the key at Riverport Road will carry with it a heavy dose of nostalgia, we are very excited to move into the future and continue serving you as the region’s most trusted and innovative garden center!