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Kingsport's White runs to raise awareness and help those in need

By Suzi McKee • Nov 26, 2019 at 4:30 PM

When Robert Frost penned the line “and miles to go before I sleep” in his poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” he was encouraging the reader to accomplish as much in his life as possible. Kingsport’s Scott White, a local runner, has taken that line to heart as he runs in marathons around the country that raise awareness for various causes.

With nine marathons under his running shoes, countless other races, and endless hours of training, Scott has accumulated over 11,000 miles with his efforts.

“I have a fundraiser that I have used for a few years that I call ‘Running for Food’ and several family members donate a few cents per mile for each mile I run,” Scott began. “This money goes to two local food banks. I’ve been blessed in so many ways to be able to do what I do and the Bible states that to those to whom much is given, much is expected.”

As a runner, Scott says one of his most memorable marathons is the Marine Corps Marathon that was held recently in Washington, D.C.

“There were American flags on display all along the course and people all along the route to encourage us. But the most memorable part of the race was the ‘Blue Mile to Remember.’ For that mile everyone was basically silent, young Marines lined the street in their uniforms, and signs with pictures of fallen Marines were placed along the route to honor those Marines who had given the ultimate sacrifice.” Scott was moved as he watched some runners stop, kneel and pray in front of the picture of a loved one whom they were running to honor.

Scott also volunteers to work with Samaritan’s Purse which sponsors disaster relief and works to rebuild after the cleanup efforts have ended.

“I’ve worked three rebuilds in Texas and relief in Nebraska and North Carolina and have been amazed at the amount of work that has to be done after a natural disaster. I remember thinking that their local contractors would be upset at our doing the work, but I quickly learned that there usually aren’t enough contractors to go around. There is a phone app that can be downloaded to help people sign up and even receive notifications of opportunities to help. Lodging and food are provided to all who volunteer.”

From work for Samaritan’s Purse and church mission trips to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, to membership in Gideons International, Scott’s main goal is to spread the love of Christ and to help make life just a little better for those less fortunate.

“My parents, Lloyd and Jean White, taught me to help others and set the example for me to follow with how they have lived their lives. Helping those in need makes me feel useful and provides me with a way to give back to the world around me,” Scott continued.

The fellowship and the friendships that Scott makes around the country are outstanding in his book. “On a job in Texas my brother-in-law, David Arnold, and I were showing a fellow working with us how to install drywall. He was a great guy and later while talking about what we did for a living, he shared that he was a CEO with a multi-million-dollar company in California. We were amazed at his stewardship of the talents that God had given him.”

Scott is also involved in the F3 Group (Fitness, Fellowship and Faith).

“It includes men of all ages that get together several times a week in the early morning for a 45-minute workout. We’re a bunch of like-minded men who enjoy the camaraderie of the workouts and it can lead to a brotherhood/support group type feeling among the members.”

“I’d encourage everyone to get involved in their community by using the talents that they have been given,” Scott added. “The motto of Samaritan’s Purse is to ‘go and do likewise,’ based on the Good Samaritan’s actions of helping the stranger in the parable, and the blessings that I have received have been an excellent reward as I run the race.”