Author’s Corner: Kingsport resident pens books on Biblical topics

Holly Viers • Apr 21, 2019 at 8:30 PM

From local pastor to traveling evangelist, Kingsport native Bob Sanders has been active in Christian ministry for decades.

While preaching remains his biggest time commitment, Sanders has also written 13 books over the years, each one on a different Biblical subject.

“Some are Bible biographies, some topical writings and then what I would call expositional writings on books of the Bible,” Sanders said. “To be totally honest, I think that in the end, this will be my legacy.”

What is your background?

Sanders was born and raised in downtown Kingsport and attended Lincoln Elementary, John Sevier Middle and Dobyns-Bennett High School. After working in other fields, Sanders felt called to preach in 1978.

He pastored at Community Baptist Church in Jonesborough for five years before becoming an evangelist, a role he’s kept for more than 30 years.

“I travel around and I do revivals, missions conferences, men’s retreats,” Sanders said. “I also have made trips to Egypt, Costa Rica, Tanzania. … I’ve preached in about five foreign countries.”

How did you get into writing books?

After he started working in ministry, Sanders began writing articles for a quarterly newsletter, which soon caught the attention of other publications.

“Some folks around the country began to see it, so they began to ask me to submit material for publications,” Sanders said. “I wrote quarterly for about three or four publications. … Then finally, out of that, in 1999 I published my first book.”

What are the books about?

Sanders has written and published 13 books, with another set to publish in the coming months. Most of his works focus on books of the Bible, such as Philippians, Joshua and Galatians. Others tackle specific topics like faith, revival and the lives of the apostles.

His most recent book, “II Timothy,” was released last year. According to the official description, the book is “an expository study of the book of II Timothy, a book that is Paul’s final correspondence as he prepares for the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of Christ.”

“It now has become a passion,” Sanders said of writing books. “Just about all the material is an outgrowth of my ministry, Bible-based material.”

Where can the books be published?

All 13 books are available in electronic form on Amazon, Sanders said. They can also be ordered in paperback form on his website, www.drbobsanders.com.

Why do you hope people will read the books?

“The basic subject matter is about personal faith and their relationship with God,” Sanders said. “My hope is to encourage, as they read and study, a greater understanding of not only a person’s relationship with God, but also, for those that are interested, a greater knowledge of the Bible. In the end, I hope that when they finish reading them that there has been a significant growth spiritually in their life.”

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