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A fight more pressing than Democratic squabbling

Governor's Races-3 Virginia

“Voters in Virginia (and New Jersey and elsewhere) said to Washington Democrats: Stop it with your stupid fights. We have work to do,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

BD 110917 Washington High sweater 03

This week’s topics: Online sex ed, grandfamilies and the opioid epidemic, “It’s OK to be white” posters and students building a better community at George Washington High School.

National Commentary

Don't hold your breath for a 'reckoning' on Bill Clinton


“A Clinton reckoning — whatever that means — will likely come in some form. But it may have to wait until the world shifts further toward the more equitable balance that Clinton himself, for all his grim faults, sought to bring forth,” writes Francis Wilkinson.


Northern Utahns are paying too much for gasoline

BZ 111414 Gas Station List 01

I wonder if people understand a simple formula: Cost (from the wholesaler) + transportation costs + markup (merchant profit) + taxes = consumer cost. I have to ask this question, because we in Weber and Davis counties are being taken to the cleaners on fuel prices. My wife and I went to Southern...

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No, Roy Moore, God won't solve our problems

Moore Ten Commandments

“If Christian discipleship is the key to a healthy society, states at the top of the religiosity scale should do far better than those at the bottom in fostering safety, strong families and wholesome behavior. But they don't — not by a long way,” writes Steve Chapman.

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In North Ogden, a measured approach to urban deer

Deer winter

No matter what the North Ogden City Council decides about urban deer, it’s going to alienate someone. But by using data, it can make the best decision possible.

Guest Commentary

Consumers need someone on their side

Consumer Agency-Legal Fight

“The fox has firmly entrenched itself back in the henhouse, and one of the last watch dogs on the job just stepped down,” writes E. Kent Winward.

Standard Deviations

Those seeking high school mascot change acting like kids

Farmington High School Rendering 2017

Davis School District should ignore petition and respect students' "Phoenix" choice. Because students are much more mature than a certain group of Farmington residents.

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The Trump administration and the decline of conservative values

Trump Sexual Harassment

“Some religious leaders are willing to call good evil, and evil good in service to a different faith — a faith defined by their political identity. This is heresy at best; idolatry at worst,” writes Michael Gerson.

National Commentary

Kansas tried tax cuts for the wealthy. It didn't end well

Congress Taxes Ryan

Just as in Kansas, Republicans argue that both the House and Senate bills are guaranteed to boost wages, create jobs and goose the economy. Senators, please don’t make us say we told you so.

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