Adults won't do anything about gun violence. Maybe teens can.

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida-5

“If this nation’s teens can convince voters to elect candidates that are not beholden...


Is gun control possible in America?

NRA Reaction LaPierre

When some commentators, pundits, and politicians state that they cannot explain why any form of gun control is so unacceptable to the National Rifle Association and its rabid supporters, they are ignoring a fundamental reason. It’s to defend against any approaching totalitarian takeover of...

National Commentary

The argument about guns is political, not constitutional

School Shooting Student Activists

“The gun control supporters who want to repeal it are wasting their time because they won't succeed and don't need to. The gun rights supporters should stop pretending that it's in danger or that it will save them,” writes Steve Chapman.

Standard Deviations

Here's a crazy idea that just might settle the gun debate — try it both ways

Gun control debate

Columnist suggests we first try arming everyone, then no one, and see which plan actually makes America safer.

Our View

Don't allow Utah colleges to co-opt the decisions of sexual violence victims

Campus Sexual Assault Bill

Everyone agrees we should protect Utah college students from sexual assault, but traumatizing victims isn’t an effective or compassionate approach.

Guest Commentary

The stock market, antidepressants and facts

Financial Markets Wall Street

When readers correct an error, it helps encourage dialogue, writes E. Kent Winward.


Cowardly Congress won't confront NRA over gun violence

Trump Guns CPAC Loesch

I’m sick of this. We all should be. More dead school kids. Pitifully ineffective thoughts and prayers. More blood on the hands of a spineless Congress that won’t confront the intimidating power of the self-serving gun lobby. These massacres have become numbingly predictable. But...


Congress is controlled by the National Rifle Association

Trump Guns CPAC LaPierre

I own a gun, you own a gun, and I'd say we're all a bit crazy. The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America says "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The...

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Ogden School District takes a constructive approach to the coming student walkouts

School Shooting Florida Capitol

Ogden educators want to collaborate with students who walk out of class to protest gun violence. They’re making the right choice.

National Commentary

Russian bots aren't the problem

Trump Russia Probe

“The Russians didn't do anything to us that we weren't doing to ourselves, although we were doing it on a much larger, more potent scale,” writes Rich Lowry.


Trump believes in due process for whites, but not for blacks


Recently, one of President Donald Trump's aides had to resign because his two ex-wives accused him of domestic violence. Trump jumped in and said allegations without due process of law can ruin a person's life and career. Well, some years ago five young black men were wrongfully convicted of...

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