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National Commentary

Hispanic or Latinx? The key is to treat others with respect

BN 031215 Latinos in Action 07-6

“This label issue may never go away. In the meantime, call people whatever they ask you to call them or simply refer to them by their name,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

National Commentary

Have Democrats overplayed their Trump hand?

Trump State of Union Fact Check-5

“Trump is the racetrack rabbit that keeps Democrats running in a perpetual cycle of outrage,” writes Rich Lowry.

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Trump leads an attack on legal immigration

SW 112117 Naturalization Ceremony 08

“Trump routinely equates foreigners with danger, drugs and crime. But reducing the influx of legal immigrants, who are far less likely than natives to go to prison, would do nothing to make Americans safer. Just the opposite,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Trump's economic policy rooted in debt

Congress Budget

“Trump's willingness to embrace debt is in direct contradiction to years of Republican rhetoric on the dangers of deficits and breaks his campaign promises,” writes Josh Boak.

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The Oval Office deserves better than its current occupant

Trump pauses

“The institution of the presidency will survive Trump, as it has other mediocrities. But the office deserves an occupant of true integrity and honor,” writes Michael Gerson.

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A better way to give patients a 'right to try'

Politics Of Pain-6

Americans deserve to have access to powerful medicines, but also protection from any harm those drugs might do.

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AP FACT CHECK: Trump on collapse of immigration effort

Fact Check Week

Fact-checking Trump on immigration, unemployment and the cost of American wars in the Middle East.

National Commentary

The agony of the moderate left

Budget Battle-1

Democrats can’t win, writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “If they accept less than a full loaf, they are trashed for not sticking to principle. If they turn down what they are offered, they are accused of obstruction.”

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A military parade is just what America needs

Trump US France

“The parade controversy is another sign that the place of patriotism in our national life, and what that patriotism should consist of, is a Trump-era flashpoint,” writes Rich Lowry.

National Commentary

The Porter debacle confirms Trump's incompetence

Trump Aide Resigns Porter

“No White House in memory has generated more needless turmoil in its first year,” writes Steve Chapman.

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