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National Commentary

Lawmakers are finding ways to shut down civil asset forfeiture

Trump Immigration-5

Civil asset forfeiture was adopted with good intentions. But it’s become a racket, and it needs to end

National Commentary

Saving Obamacare is still the priority

Congress Health Overhaul Graham

“What the country cannot afford is to go backward, which is where Sens. Graham and Cassidy would move us,” writes E.J. Dionne.

National Commentary

Trump hits the wall

Chuck and Nancy

“Donald Trump's signature pledge to build a border wall, aka The Wall, is diminishing almost by the hour,” writes Rich Lowry.

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Sanders' 'Medicare for all' may be good politics, but it's bad policy

Sanders Health Overhaul

“Americans might love what Sanders offers in the way of more benefits for more people. What they would hate is paying for it,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Feinstein is off-base to demand that judges be secularists

Senate Justice Nominee Feinstein

“In effect, Feinstein would make her secularism the state religion, complete with its own doctrine and Holy Office,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Donald Trump's friendly move with Chuck Schumer is dead end

Democrats Culture War Trump

If a partnership with Schumer is indeed Trump's plan for a new phase in his presidency, he should think again.

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iPhone X shows Unabomber's manifesto was eerily clairvoyant

Apple Showcase-2

The introduction of the new iPhone X — which features wireless charging, facial recognition and a price tag of $999 — appears to be a minor event in the advance of technology. But it's an excellent illustration of something that has long gone unrecognized: The Unabomber had a point.

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Trump and the road not taken

Trump the Independent

“He had the opportunity to put Democrats in a tight spot. Instead, he has spent his energies since Jan. 20 strengthening the hand of his opponents and weakening his own party,” writes E.J. Dionne.

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Will Congress be stirred from its slumber?

Congress Returns Cruz

“The president's manifest and manifold inadequacies might awaken a slumbering Congress to the existence of its Article I powers and responsibilities,” writes George Will.

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Dreamers deserve compassion — and a legislative compromise

Pa DACA Protest

“On this issue, compromise is now the evidence of compassion,” writes Michael Gerson.

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