ATV Adventures: Exploring the treasures of Arch Canyon Trail

ATV Adventures Arch Canyon Trail 02

With rich history, beautiful scenery and challenging terrain, this ATV trail in San Juan...


Some seek Faneuil Hall name change because of slavery ties

Renaming Faneuil Hall

BOSTON (AP) — It’s called the Cradle of Liberty because it’s where the American Revolution was energized. It remains one of the most famous buildings in Boston. Now, Faneuil Hall has become one of the latest icons embroiled in debate over whether it should be renamed because of its ties to slavery....


Prada redefines youthful elegance with psychedelic flair

Italy Fashion MSGM

MILAN (AP) — Youthful designers injected energy into the third day Sunday of Milan Fashion Week menswear previews for next spring and summer. While the topics of generational and creative change at some of the most-established Milan fashion houses were running in the background, young brands carved...


North Dakota author details comeback of American buffalo

Buffalo Trail Dakotas

North Dakota author Francie Berg’s last book about the American buffalo was a guide for adventurers eager to get out on back roads to see the historic sites where the great animal once flourished. Then she found she had more to say. The result is “Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains,” a deeper...


Not too late to save ‘dying' newspapers

TX. Newspapers

We are living in an age when all the information we could ever want is only a few keystrokes away. The rise of technology in the last several decades has led to the development of the World Wide Web, but this wealth of knowledge comes with many drawbacks. One major problem is that newspapers...


'Incredibles' offer super life lessons

Film Review Incredibles 2

It seems crazy that Disney’s movie “The Incredibles” was first released 14 years ago! With the June 15 release of the highly anticipated sequel, “Incredibles 2,” I can’t help but think back to some of the important life lessons that I learned from the first movie....


Get your name out there; join our TX. staff

TX. staff

From challenging school projects to favorite movies and music, we want to know what today’s teens are all about. And who better to write about the high school experience than Northern Utah’s high school students? We’re looking for teenagers to write stories, take photos and draw...


The TX. 10: Best film composers

Film Box Office Solo Sputters

1. John Williams 2. Danny Elfman 3. Hans Zimmer 4. Michael Giacchino 5. John Powell 6. Alan Silverstri 7. Henry Jackman 8. Brian Tyler 9. Randy Newman 10. Christophe Beck — Scott Swain, Davis High


Bottom Line trivia

TX. Camel

One-hump camels are dromedaries, common in Africa and the Middle East. Two-hump camels are bactrian camels, native to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.    


Layton gets first Sonic 3D in the nation

Sonic 3D

The 3D stands for “Drinks, Dogs, & Desserts.”


From Missoni to Dolce&Gabbana, Milan men bask in street wear

Italy Fashion Dolce & Gabbana

MILAN (AP) — Milan designers continue to cast their eyes toward Millennials with a focus on street wear — but without giving up tailored luxury and technical innovations. Menswear collections for next spring and summer were being shown Saturday during the second day of Milan Fashion Week. The focus...

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