Gibson backers, officials say river project handled properly as probe continues

Gibson property.jpg

The Weber County commissioner is the focus of an Ogden Police Department inquiry but maintains...


North Ogden amphitheater lawsuit focus of Feb. 28 court hearing

DM 020418 Barker Park Amphitheater 01-1

Residents living near the site of the project in Barker Park worry about noise and other disruptions brought on by the facility, already taking shape.


AP FACT CHECK: Trump twists visa lottery program

Trump Immigration Fact Check

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is expressing frustration with an immigration program that he says lets other countries nominate undesirable citizens for emigration to the U.S. That path to a life in the U.S. does not exist. Trump mischaracterizes the diversity visa lottery program...


Congress has ideas on gun violence, but no consensus

Congress Guns

WASHINGTON (AP) — After a 10-day break, members of Congress are returning to work under hefty pressure to respond to the outcry over gun violence. But no plan appears ready to take off despite a long list of proposals, including many from President Donald Trump. Republican leaders have kept quiet...


Q&A: What the battle of memos on FBI surveillance showed

Trump Russia Probe Memos Q A

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the battle of the classified memos in the House Intelligence Committee, both sides have now had their say on whether the FBI and Justice Department acted inappropriately as they began investigating President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. A Democratic memo that was declassified...


Dems release Russia probe memo defending FBI surveillance

Trump-Russia Probe-Democratic Memo

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two weeks after President Donald Trump blocked its full release, the House Intelligence Committee published a partially blacked-out version of a classified Democratic memo aiming to counter a GOP narrative that the FBI and Justice Department conspired against Trump as they...


Microsoft fights US in high court to protect global business

Supreme Court Microsoft Searches

WASHINGTON (AP) — Microsoft has an eye on its international customers as it confronts the Trump administration in a Supreme Court fight about turning over emails to investigators. The justices will hear arguments Tuesday over whether the company, as part of an international drug trafficking...


London business women take on old-boy clubs

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” Madeleine Albright told a fired-up Hillary Clinton rally in 2016. The damnation threat that America’s first female secretary of state issued in support of its third didn’t sway enough voters to stop another...


Weber County's new economic growth plan may be ready by late March

James Ebert

County officials have made economic development a priority, seeking input from consultants and others, and one apparent goal will be boosting the median income here. 


Weber County social media presence 'leading the state,' PR rep says

Sasha Clark Dicio

The Dicio Group received a $94,500 contract with the county to help with marketing and a company rep updated county commissioners on its efforts.


Now that Greitens has been indicted, what happens next?

The indictment of Gov. Eric Greitens is certainly not the first time a governor has been charged with a crime while in office. But the felony charge he is facing is unusual and unlike other governors’ criminal indictments, which generally involve public corruption. A St. Louis grand jury indicted...

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