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Community gets moving through the holidays to log 50,000 activity miles

Erica Seals, Healthy Kignsport • Jan 29, 2019 at 1:49 PM

The Holiday Hop competition was a virtual, micro fitness challenge issued by Healthy Kingsport to keep individuals and teams moving through the holiday season. The competition ran from Thanksgiving to the new year.

More than 200 teams — or 534 individuals — participated and collectively logged 102 million steps, or approximately 50,000 miles. That’s the equivalent of two trips around the planet with Santa. Simply amazing!

Together, the top 10 teams amassed 22.5 million steps or 10,652 miles in a short 40 days.

First Presbyterian Church Kingsport — First Pres Church, 5.1M steps or 2,425 miles

Eastman — Eastman IT, 3.9M steps or 1,855 miles

Eastman — AFMD Wellness Walkers, 2.3M steps or 1,071 miles

Community team — 3rd RGT TN State Guard, 2.2M steps or 1,059 miles

KHRA — Mean Street Boppers, 1.8M steps or 838 miles

TempurPedic — Information Technology, 1.6M steps or 757 miles

Eastman — These Shoes Were Made for Walking, 1.5M steps or 692 miles

Ballad Health — Mighty Morphin Power Walkers, 1.4M steps or 658 miles

Community Team — Team Ruford, 1.3M steps or 657 miles

Community Team — Team Protokraft, 1.3M steps or 635 miles

First Presbyterian Church of Kingsport logged more than 5.1 million steps or 2,425 miles of physical activity. The 17-member team had an impressive daily average of 8,000 steps. The Holiday Hop challenge motivated this team to push harder, reaching out of individual comfort zones to increase daily activity.

Gail Cole, team leader for First Presbyterian, said, “We joined the 2 Million Mile Challenge to contribute to the effort for 2 million miles! We are using this as an opportunity to work together as a team, rather than a competition ‘against’ each other! Positive reinforcement! It’s fun to see our steps & miles add up!”

For First Pres Church, it is more than the number of steps that is important to the team.

“Several people who weren’t exercising have started walking, and some have even recorded other activities! Folks have lost weight, are eating healthier and feeling better! Win! Win! Win!,” adds Cole.

In 2018, our region became the first in the nation to log more than 6.7 million miles of physical activity by crushing Healthy Kingsport’s 2 Million Mile Challenge. This statistic includes the miles students from Kingsport City and Sullivan County Schools amassed during the last school year, which contributed more than 4 million miles to our challenge total. Healthy Kingsport’s annual physical activity challenges were established to decrease our high physical inactivity rate, which is a major contributing factor to our region’s twin epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Healthy Kingsport recently issued its 2019 challenge: 3 million community miles! We are eager to add our students’ miles again this year and believe that together we’ll top 7 million total miles. While that seems like a real stretch goal, we have proven ourselves to be a region that is not only capable, but completely committed.

Healthy Kingsport’s current micro challenge, “New Year — New You,” runs from Jan. 1 — March 31. Even though we are a couple of weeks into the challenge, don’t fret. You can join at any time. Visit Healthy Kingsport’s website (healthykingsport.org) to register and participate in our region’s collective journey to total well-being.

Erica Seals is the community initiatives manager of Healthy Kingsport. She can be reached at eseals@healthykingsport.org .

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