Nation's problems are us, not guns

Monday , June 04, 2018 - 11:59 AM2 comments

In doing some research on guns, the 10MM Glock came on the market in 1982. Using a Glock in 2007, 25 years after first manufacturing, the Virginia Tech shooting occurred. The Bushmaster XM15 E2S was designed in 1980. Using a Bushmaster, in 2002, 22 years after coming on the market, two men went on a killing spree in Washington D. C., and in 2012, 32 years after marketing, the Sandy Hook school shooting occurred.

Why weren’t there mass shootings with these guns when they first came on the market? I agree with John Reynolds that our country has a human problem and not a weapons problem. In more recent years, the standards of too many Americans have dropped. They now display less morality, absence of civility, no personal responsibility, lack of integrity, little concern for their fellow man, and most regrettable, the disappearance of feeling shame, resulting in increased crimes of every demeanor.

In today’s depraved world, of course our schools need security – with law enforcement people carrying guns, like they do at airports and courthouses.


Kay Combe

Pleasant View

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